Covering more than 60% of Finland's total energy use

Nearly 800 companies with their thousands of sites and over 150 municipalities and joint municipalities have committed to the energy efficiency objectives set in these agreements.

Climate change

Taking action towards responsible future

An efficient use of energy is a responsible way of action and one of the key actions to stop climate change. It is “the first fuel” to meet the targets set for reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Effiency Agreements 2008-2016

More than 21,000 energy efficiency measures

At the end of 2016 Finland’s annual energy consumption decreased by almost 16 terawatt hours. Energy efficiency measures implemented by participating companies and municipalities in 2008-2016 reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 4.7 million tonnes a year and energy costs in total by more than 560 million euros a year.

Data on energy efficiency

Reporting in a key role

Every measure improving the use of energy is important. Even small measures have a great effect when added up. Reporting is essential to keep track of the effects of energy saving measures at the national level and to be able to report this forward to the EU.

Since 1995

Long tradition of voluntariness

Over the years, Finnish voluntary Energy Efficiency Agreements have evolved into a unique success story that is not found elsewhere in the world.  Finland is one of the few European countries where voluntary agreements on energy efficiency are shown to work and yield profits.