Results in 2017-2018

Hundreds of Finnish companies and municipalities that have joined voluntary energy efficiency agreements have improved their annual energy use by a total of 5.2 terawatt hours in 2017-2018. The substantial savings are equal to the annual energy use of 255,000 electrically heated single-family houses.

Savings were attained when the more than 550 companies and nearly 100 municipalities and joint municipalities that have joined energy efficiency agreements have carried out over a total of 7,500 individual energy efficiency measures and invested more than EUR 380 million in energy efficiency over two years. The savings equal to 1.3% of Finland’s total energy consumption in 2018.

Average new annual savings in 2017–2018 was 2.5 TWh, while the corresponding savings during the previous agreement period was 1.8 TWh. A significant increase in annual savings arose from a couple of exceptionally savings measures implemented in energy intensive industry.

Annual energy use decreased by a total of 5.2 TWh in 2017-2018

Significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions

Efficient use of energy is one of the key means to mitigate climate change. Energy efficiency is globally recognized as the “first fuel” when aiming to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Over 7,500 energy savings measures implemented by agreement participants in 2017-2018 reduce annual CO2 emissions by 1.2 million tonnes.


Greeenhouse gas emissions reductions 2017-2018

Energy effiency measures and investments

The participating companies and municipalities have implemented over 7,500 saving measures in 2017-2018. Private service sector and property and building sector have implemented nearly 2/3 of the measures.

Energy efficiency measures and investments by sector

Annual costs savings

Energy savings measures implemented in 2017-2018, reduced participant’s annual energy costs in total by 215 million euros.

Annual cost savings

Annual savings of heat, fuel and electricity by sector

From the new energy savings achieved in 2017-2018, nearly 3.9 TWh (74%) was heat and fuels, and the remaining 0.9 TWh (26%) was electricity. In private service sector, nearly 80% of savings were from electricity.

Annual heat, fuels and electricity savings by sector